Why you should never use soap in the intimate area

Taking care of our genitals is an important part of our hygiene. However, using regular soap on your privates is a big no-no! Even the "mild" intimate soaps that are marketed as gentle are still soaps and can cause problems. Here's why you should stop using soap in the genital area and what you can do instead ❤️

The genital area has a naturally acidic environment with a pH value of between 3.8 and 4.5, which protects against harmful bacteria and fungi. Regular soap, even the "mild" variety, is often alkaline with a pH above 9. When you use soap in the genital area, you disturb the natural balance and invite unwanted guests that can cause irritation and infections.

Excessive use of soap down below area can increase the risk of infections such as bacterial vaginosis, research shows. "The more we wash with soap, the worse it gets - it's like a vicious circle. The bacterial flora is disrupted and the good bacteria can become fewer, while the bad bacteria take over, leading to symptoms such as foul-smelling discharge, itching, burning and fungal infections.

A study published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology showed that women who regularly used soap in the genital area had a significantly higher incidence of bacterial vaginosis. Women who used soap were almost twice as likely to develop bacterial vaginosis compared to those who used water or mild, pH-balanced products. This is because the high pH of soap disrupts the naturally acidic environment of the vagina, making it easier for harmful bacteria to grow.

The imbalance can also lead to an increased risk of other vaginal infections and discomfort. Another study from the British Journal of Dermatology found that the use of soap and perfumed products in the genital area can lead to irritation and increased sensitivity, which in turn can make the skin more susceptible to infections.

By understanding these research findings, it becomes clear why it's important to avoid soap in the genital area and instead use products specifically designed to maintain the natural balance ❤️

Soap is designed to dissolve grease and dirt, which is good for the hands and body, but not for the sensitive genital area. The skin down there is thinner and more sensitive, and soap can dry it out, leading to itching and discomfort. Dry skin is also more prone to cracking, increasing the infection risk. When you wash your genitals with soap, you remove the natural oils and good bacteria that protect against infections. This can lead to both foul-smelling discharge caused by bacterial vaginosis and dryness and irritation, which can make you feel the need to wash even more often. Excessive washing only exacerbates the problem and creates a vicious circle of discomfort and infections.

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Instead of soap, try our VagiVital V Cleanser. It's 100% soap-free and based on our amazing moisturising AktivGel. The V Cleanser is not an oil, but it can cleanse both oil-based and water-based impurities - something a regular oil can't do. In the place of intense moisturisation, you don't even need to rinse everything off in the shower, making it super convenient and gentle.

Your body is amazing at taking care of itself, and the genital area is no exception. Discharge helps to keep the area clean and free of harmful bacteria. The natural secretion contains a mixture of fluids and cells that remove dead cells and unwanted bacteria, helping to maintain a healthy vaginal environment. In addition, vaginal discharge contains lactobacilli, good bacteria that produce lactic acid and help maintain a low pH, making it harder for harmful bacteria to thrive.
It's important to allow this natural process to take place without disturbing it with harsh cleansers or soaps that can upset the delicate balance.

You might be wondering: If the vagina has an amazing self-cleaning ability, why do I need to use an intimate wash like V Cleanser? That's a good question! Here's why V Cleanser is a great addition to your natural hygiene routine:

🌸 Extra help with daily hygiene
Although the vagina can clean itself, the area around it may need a little extra help. VagiVital V Cleanser is designed to be gentle enough to use on the sensitive area around the vulva, without disturbing the natural balance.

🌸 100% soap-free and super moisturising
V Cleanser is 100% soap-free and based on our amazing AktivGel, which provides intense moisturisation. Unlike conventional oils, it can cleanse both oil-based and water-based impurities, making it effective and gentle. One of the best things about the V Cleanser intimate wash is that you don't even have to rinse everything off in the shower, it's that gentle and moisturising.

🌸 Perfect for sensitive skin
V Cleanser is designed to be gentle on the sensitive skin of the genital area. It doesn't dry out or irritate, which is perfect for those who have sensitive skin or are prone to irritation.

🌸 Give your vulva the best
Many women use an intimate wash and will continue to do so. Then they should give their vulva the best - VagiVital V Cleanser intimate wash ❤️

So stop using soap to clean your genitals! Discharge helps keep you clean, and when choosing an intimate wash, be selective and avoid soap. Your vulva is amazing - just like you ❤️

Take care of yourself & Stay Pussytive ❤️
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