What side effects to expect from V. treatments?

Are there contraindications to using vaginal creams?

There is not a straight yes or no answer to this question as it depends both on what type of vaginal cream you will be using and your medical history.

However, when in doubt VagiVital is a safe choice due to having no hormones (estrogen). This means that your historical medical record or current conditions are not a no-go for using a vaginal cream; but it can be used alongside hormone replacement therapy or other treatments including hormones.

Other reasons when a hormone-free vaginal cream is required are:

  • Pregnancy or breast feeding
  • Known, suspected or history of breast cancer
  • Other oestrogen dependence cancer like endometrium
  • If you recently had a blood clot in the arteries causing heart attack or stroke
  • If you had/have a liver disease

Are vaginal creams, like VagiVital, completely free from side-effects though?

We have no reported case of side-effect with Vagivital gel, but like with any substance or skin care products that you put on your body it can potentially cause skin reactions. This is very rare though and what may occur is redness, stinging or itching. Like before, if you notice any other unpleasant effects, please make sure to contact your doctor or pharmacist.