Our Mission

The vagina is amazing and taking care of it should be amazing too

Taking care of your intimate parts is an act of self-love. That’s why we've created products entirely focused on female intimate wellness. Our aim is to support women and to open up a real conversation on female intimate health issues, and women’s health at large.

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Vaginal health problems tend to be taboo topics, but they're surprisingly common, affecting most women at some point in their lives. That’s why we’ve created VagiVital, clinically proven products that work for all women, in all stages of life. Making vaginal health obvious for each and every woman. 

As many as one out of three women will suffer from bacterial vaginosis and more than 50% of all women will experience vaginal atrophy (dryness). Next to that, six out of ten Swedish women (61%) agree there’s not enough focus on women’s intimate health issues, especially among young women. Surveys show that women with vaginal health issues are reluctant to seek help from their GP or gynecologist, where 43% said they would rather seek information about intimate problems online. 


VagiVital is a company 100% dedicated to women's health and well-being. We focus our research and investments into vaginal health issues and to make women's intimate health a priority.


Gentle yet effective. We offer clinically proven and gynecologists recommended products.


All VagiVital products are made in the Nordic countries. They are developed at our head office in Sweden and produced in Finland.

50% of all women suffer from vaginal dryness (atrophy). We can help more than 79% of them to be symptom free with our patented VagiVital Active gel.