Celebrate a Pussytive Midsummer This Year!

Today, it's time to celebrate one of Sweden's most beloved traditions - Midsummer! But why do we actually celebrate Midsummer? Let's take a quick look at the history behind this festive day.

Midsummer in Sweden has its roots in pre-Christian times when people celebrated the summer solstice - the longest day of the year. This celebration was a tribute to the sun, light, and nature's fertility. The maypole, which we dance around, is an ancient symbol of life and growth. It is also a time when nature's fertility is celebrated, which historically included rituals to ensure good harvests and fertility. Flowers and wreaths have been used as symbols of this abundance and vitality ❤️

At VagiVital, we love traditions that celebrate women's health and strength. Therefore, Midsummer is a perfect occasion to appreciate, honor, and value the woman's body and its natural strength. So, when you stand there with your flower crown trying to dodge the rain showers, remember to give some extra love to yourself and your sisters ❤️

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We wish you a lovely, wonderful, and Pussytive Midsummer ❤️

/The VagiVital Team