VagiVital AktivGelVagiVital AktivGel

VagiVital AktivGel

VagiVital is a transparent vaginal gel that fights against issues such as dryness, itching, irritation and discomfort during sexual intercourse. Read More
Intimate Moisture KitIntimate Moisture Kit
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Intimate Moisture Kit

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This duo is the perfect care for your intimate parts. Our intimate cleanser gently washes while maintaining pH balance, while the VagiVital Active Gel intensively moisturises and soothes the sensitive intimate area. Read More
VagiVital V CleanserVagiVital V Cleanser

VagiVital V Cleanser

This gentle feminine cleanser is especially formulated to carefully cleanse, moisturize and restore the balance of the V. Based on a unique hydrating gel formula and Swedish botanical oil to keep the V feeling its best. Read More
10 pc applicators for VagiVital

10 pc applicators for VagiVital

3-Pack VagiVital V Cleanser3-Pack VagiVital V Cleanser
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3-Pack VagiVital V Cleanser

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