What is vaginal atrophy?
It is the medical term for dry vaginal tissue. It can cause symptoms such as itching, irritation, discomfort during sexual intercourse, and urgency when urinating. 

How does vaginal atrophy occur?
It happens the body's estrogen production decreases, which usually affects women during menopause, breastfeeding, while taking medication, or in periods of prolonged stress.

How common is it?
It’s very common! 40 – 60% of all women will experience these symptoms during or after menopause, while experiencing periods of high stress, or while breastfeeding. 

How is vaginal atrophy different from other vaginal issues?
The symptoms associated with dry vaginal tissue can be confused with other vaginal health issues, such as yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis. However, with vaginal atrophy women will not experience vaginal discharge.

Is VagiVital completely hormone free?
Absolutely, this vaginal gel is 100% hormone-free. 

How is VagiVital different from other similar products?
VagiVital has no hormones. In addition, the gel has a smart applicator with a standard dose for each use. The gel has a non-greasy formula therefore the applicator is easy to clean in hot water. And above all, VagiVital comes with a short list of ingredients and has clinically proven effectiveness. 

How long is a treatment course?
A standard course of treatment has a preset dose of 1ml and lasts for 12 weeks. But for best results, use every day for 90 days, then as needed after that. 

Are you completely symptom-free after treatment?
The clinical results from the VagiVital multi-centre study showed clear improvements after one month. After three months of use, 79% of participants had significant improvement, or no symptoms at all. 

I'm trying to get pregnant, can I use VagiVital?
VagiVital does not contain spermicide but as the effect of sperm motility is unknown, as an extra precaution you should wait to use the gel if you are trying to conceive.

Can you use VagiVital during pregnancy?
VagiVital is a completely hormone-free product. However, we do not have any clinical documentation of the use of VagiVital during pregnancy. The studies we have done are in patients who have used the product in states of vaginal atrophy after menopause. In these studies, about 200 patients have used the vaginal gel for 12 weeks and we have not seen any side effects that we can link to the product. If you are concerned, contact your gynecologist or midwife. 

Can I use VagiVital immediately after giving birth?
No, VagiVital should not be used immediately after childbirth.

Does VagiVital also work for younger women?
Yes, it works for all women! Periods of discomfort from dry vaginal tissue can come at different times in life, such as while breastfeeding, while taking birth control or other medical treatments, or during menopause.

What do I do if VagiVital does not produce the desired effect?
You can repeat the regimen but we also recommend you to contact a doctor to talk about how to best proceed. 

Is VagiVital for women who have not yet had menopause? 
Yes! Thinning of the vaginal walls can come at any time in life such as while breastfeeding or during periods of high stress. Since this is a hormone-free treatment, it can be used by women of any age looking for symptom relief. 

Is VagiVital available without a prescription?
Absolutely, you can order VagiVital here!