Hormone free active gel to treat vaginal dryness

Fragile mucous membranes can be caused by various reasons and affects women of all ages. Most common are in menopause, but can also occur with increased stress or lactation. It is a hormone-free, crystal-clear active gel that moisturizes fragile mucous membranes and treats itching and burning sensation in the genital area – with clinically proven effect.

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Clinically proven

VagiVital has been tested by female scientists at the Karolinska University Hospital, the University Hospital in Uppsala and the Umeå University Hospital in Sweden. The result is a clinically proven product that effectively alleviates or treats symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy and dryness, such as itching, stinging, burning and pain during sexual intercourse. How? The VagiVital gel releases water to the vaginal mucous membrane over time, it restores pH and it stimulates growth of cells in the superficial layers of the mucous membrane.

Active Gel

VagiVital is a water-based crystal clear active gel against vaginal problems such as dryness, itching, stinging and pain during sexual intercourse. How? Through a smart applicator that gives the right dose immediately. Also, it is easy to clean in only hot water, because it is free from fats - everything is simple!

CE Mark

VagiVital is CE registered as a medical device Class IIb. This means that VagiVital meets the requirements of safety and efficacy according to EU legislation. Safe and reassuring!

Hormone free

Forget the hormones! VagiVital has the shortest list of ingredients on the market and is completely hormone free. However, in a multi centre clinical study VagiVital showed results on par with hormone treatments.