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One character in the Swedish film "Unmarried Couple", played by Peter Dalle, utters this famous line during a heated argument with his wife, played by Lena Endre, as a response when she shouts at him in frustration during one of their big arguments "How the hell do you want it?". That phrase, with its spot-on humor, has become a staple that also opens up conversations about relationships, desire and, not least, sex. These days, I actually (oddly enough) speak very little about sex with my female friends. But it was different before. Before the time when relationships, work and children dominated the conversations. There was a time in our "youth" when we teetered on the brink of complete boundlessness that we flirted and shared bedroom stories, but we also exchanged more deep thoughts about sex, and I remember that as very precious. Who knows, maybe we've "matured" and gained more integrity with age, or that we don't want to "out someone" out of respect for our partner (and the children?)? Because I don't think it's really about disinterest. We're getting a bit older now, and many of us are approaching menopause, with hormones riding a rollercoaster where both mucous membranes and mood can go completely bananas. But isn't the topic of sex just as relevant now as it was then? So maybe it's time again? Let's talk about sex



Every woman has her own unique experiences and there are, of course, both physical and psychological challenges women can face during menopause. While sex is a deeply individual thing, many of us may also have some preconceived ideas about sex and menopause. Some of the most common ones might be:


🌸Reduced sex drive

One of the most common problems, but also prejudices, is that menopausal women suddenly become as interested in sex as a cat is in bathing. In fact, sex drive is about as variable as Swedish summer weather - and if you don't know what that looks like, I can tell you, it's completely unpredictable! For some women, menopause can actually open the door to a new era of passion and experience.


🌸Physically unattractive

The idea that women become like overripe fruit as soon as they reach menopause is a myth! Think again! Attraction has no best-before date, and it's high time we threw this prejudice out the window. Women of all ages can be stunningly beautiful and seductive - age is just a number and attractiveness is first and foremost about confidence and charisma!


🌸Sexual impotence

That menopause would lead to a decline in sexual pleasure is obviously not something that applies to all women. In fact, menopause does not necessarily mean that pleasure and enjoyment in the bedroom disappears. In reality, many women instead experience a new sense of freedom and self-awareness that can make their sex life even more rewarding and satisfying.


🌸 Menopause is a negative thing

During menopause, women can suffer from symptoms such as dry mucous membranes, mood swings, hot flushes, body aches, dizziness, palpitations, mood swings and difficulty sleeping... phew, the list can seem endless. Where do we find strength and confidence in all this? Can we use another word? "CLIMAXERY" perhaps? Instead of the word “Climactery”, describing menopause. With a curve that goes straight up instead of down. Women over 50 also often have a natural balance and navigate through life with a clarity that is not characterized by uncertainty or self-criticism. Experienced, wise and confident menopausal women who say YES when they want to and NO when they don't.


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🌸Problems with dry mucous membranes

A lot of women suffer from dry mucous membranes, but not all. And obviously, you might not be too keen on sex if your vagina is as dry as the Sahara desert, but it can be fixed. In fact, one of the most common statements from women who have used VagiVital AktivGel is that they have regained their sex life, as the crystal clear gel effectively moisturizes the mucous membranes over time, stimulating the growth of cells in the surface layer of the skin. mucous membrane and restores pH - making intercourse possible again


"I've had issues with pain during sex, and after using AktivGel daily, both me and my partner felt a difference. It doesn't hurt so much anymore and my pH has been balanced. I'm not so dry and fragile anymore. I continue to use VagiVital AktivGel daily and I must say, it helps."

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Studies on sex and desire during menopause have developed significantly in recent years. One common myth is that sex drive drops dramatically during menopause, but many studies have shown that this is not always the case. In fact, sexual desire varies greatly from individual to individual even during menopause and of course depends on a number of different factors such as hormonal changes, physical health, mental wellbeing and relationships. Let's take a closer look at some studies that give us a positive insight into sex and menopause.

🌸Increased sex drive

In a study published in the journal "Menopause", sexual desire was examined in women during and after menopause. The researchers found that a surprising majority of the women in the study reported an increase in sexual desire. This change was associated with several factors, including reduced fear of unwanted pregnancy and increased sexual confidence. The results suggest that menopause does not necessarily mean a decline in sexual desire, but can actually lead to a newfound freedom and openness to sexual pleasure.


🌸Self-esteem and body image

Another important aspect is self-esteem and confidence. Research published in the "Psychology of Women Quarterly" found that many women experienced improved self-esteem and increased comfort with their bodies after the age of 50. This positive change in women's self-perception can be a crucial factor that positively affects their sex life. When women feel more comfortable in their bodies, they are more likely to be present and enjoy intimate moments.


🌸Positive attitude and sexual gratification

A study published in "The Journal of Sexual Medicine" examined the relationship between positive attitudes towards menopause and sexual satisfaction. The results showed that women who had a positive attitude towards menopause and saw ageing as a natural part of life were more satisfied with their sex lives. These women were also more likely to experiment and explore different aspects of sexual intimacy.


🌸Newfound enjoyment

An article in the journal "Obstetrics & Gynecology" discusses how menopause can affect orgasm and sexual pleasure. It points out that while certain physical changes such as reduced vaginal elasticity and dry mucous membranes can occur during menopause, they can also mean that women explore new sources of pleasure and orgasms.


One common question is whether menopausal women experience changes in their ability to achieve orgasm. Research suggests that this may also be an individual experience. There is no clear conclusion as to whether it takes longer for menopausal women to reach orgasm. Some women may experience changes in sensitivity or arousal due to hormonal changes, while others may not notice any major changes at all. Menopause has traditionally been surrounded by some preconceived notions, many of them more negative than positive. But when it comes to sexual pleasure and orgasms, menopause can actually be a time of increased insight, freedom and pleasure.



In conclusion, it is clear that desire can actually flourish for many menopausal women, and a positive attitude towards this stage of life can lead to a more satisfying sexual experience. It's important to remember that sexual pleasure and intimacy have no fixed "expiration date". Menopause doesn't necessarily mean that sexual pleasure and orgasms just disappear. On the contrary, many women actually experience increased sexual satisfaction and intensity in their orgasmic experience. Of course, it's still important to continue discussing the sometimes super annoying issues that women can experience during menopause. But it's equally important to highlight the positive aspects of this phase - or should we say the CLIMAXERY?

Let's talk about sex - with an even deeper understanding and experience to carry in our backpack

Take care of yourself and Stay Pussytive

By: Fanny Falkman Grindal