We only offer products with clinically proven efficacy. It will be so much better then.


VagiVital has undergone a multi-centre clinical study as designed according to the FDA guidelines with 90 patients documenting good safety and excellent efficacy.   

Behind the study are dedicated female scienists (professors and practicing clinicians in the field of gynaecology) from Karolinska University Hospital, Uppsala University Hospital and Umeå University Hospital in Sweden. All of them passionate about promoting female health.

The clinical study showed several positive effects. A total of 79% of patients experienced a complete relief or a significant improvement in their most troublesome symptoms. VagiVital has been named an active gel since it has been proven to do so much more than just moisturise. The following improvements have been proven:

  • Complete relief or significant improvement of the Most Bothersome Symptom (itching, irritation, stinging, pain during sexual intercourse or pain during urination).
  • Reduction of the sense of urgency incontinence.
  • Improvement of vaginal pH and increased proportion of superficial cells of the vaginal mucosa.

The positive effects of VagiVital on Most Bothersome Symptoms are on par with those reported for estrogen preparations, with the important difference that VagiVital is completely hormone free.

Customer Survey

VagiVital has conducted a customer survey to evaluate how VagiVital was received by and worked for users since the product was made available on the Swedish market in July 2018.

210 women who used VagiVital for at least one month received in a digital customer survey answer a number of questions about their experiences with VagiVital as a product. Among other things, participants were asked to respond to improvement rates and how they experienced the included applicator and instruction.

The survey shows that VagiVital since its launch on the Swedish market has proven to be both safe and effective, with a clear perceived improvement in the inconvenience of 81% of users.

One can also see a clear trend in that the improvement in earnings increases the longer you had used VagiVital. Of those who used VagiVital for 2 months or longer, the whole 89% had experienced a clear improvement in symptoms. The results are in line with VagiVitals previous clinical studies.

Proportion of women me experienced improvement in discomfort after using VagiVital in:

  • One month - 77%/span>
  • More than 2 months - 89%

* When the VagiVital is so new to the market, only a few people have had time to use the product for more than 3 months.

85% of women would recommend VagiVital to anyone they know.

Research for Change!

Did you know that research on genital health has increased significantly since the turn of the century? That is promising. What is worrying, though, is that only 10 % of that increase has been research specifically on women. Female genital health has been a low priority for a long time. We are working for a change!

We work for improved equality in research spendings, where a focus on women’s health should also be a priority. Do you agree? Please support women’s genital and vaginal health research and sign our petitionhere.

VagiVital works to raise more funds for independent research on women’s health. Our mission is supported by associate Professor Aino Fianu Jonasson, Karolinska University Hospital as well as by Professor Inger Sundström Poromaa, Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden. We also cooperate with the 1,6 Million Club in Sweden, an organisation that supports and works for increased funds to research on women’s health. 1% of all sales of VagiVital goes to the 1,6 Million Club. Please support us in this important mission for an increased focus on women’s health!